Newseful is a series of explorations around the development of generic, repeatable formats for breaking news design.

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Timeline Annotations Fact Tracking

Three independent components to help make breaking news richer and easier to understand. Easily integrates with any publishing platform.


The newseful timeline provides a more structured layout for developing stories. By separating events from reactions, it provides the reader with a clearer understanding of the reporter’s work.

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Separate fact from opinion

Newseful’s timeline component lets reporters distinguish between events that are directly related to a story and public reactions.

Flexible data source

Use Google Sheets to easily manage the data for a timeline, or integrate directly with a content management system to keep all your tools in one place.

Plays well with others

Newseful’s timeline integrates easily into existing article templates and formats, and was designed to work well in a column of text.


Newseful’s annotation syntax allows reporters to quickly add contextual detail to developing stories without sacrificing the brevity of their prose.

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Be brief

Annotations help keep contextual detail out of the body of the story. A more focused story is more clear.

Simple syntax

Adding annotations to a story is easy. Just use the simple syntax explained in the documentation to add complex tooltips to the text.


Integrate with Mapbox to easily add maps as annotations. Maps give readers a great sense of context for where a story is happening.


A declarative syntax for adding inline markers within a text to indicate key facts and their confirmation status. Also easily create and present an aggregate list of key facts from a developing story.

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Be clear

Make sure readers understand when a fact has been verified and when it’s up in the air.

Extract key points

Pull all the key facts out of a story so that readers can follow their verification status.

Prevent misreadings

It’s easy to get the wrong idea when skimming a story. Call out corrections, attributed falsehoods, etc with a different appearance than the rest of the text.

Use Newseful’s suite of customizable breaking news components in your next story.

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